Winter has arrived and is now asking for several changes to make on your daily routine, whether it’s about workout hours or the food intake. If you feed your body with vital nutrients during this season it would lead to boost your immune system and make it appear strong. You may check some powerful immune boosting foods at your nearest grocery store to prevent the body from cold and flu. You may try this immunity-boosting source such as:

Red bell peppers

This stuff is high sources of Vitamin C twice more compared to citrus, and also include a high percentage of beta-carotene. With consistent use, they lead to raise the immune system with the punch of Vitamin C and also lead to keep the skin glowing and prevent eye damage.


Almost every cuisine available today in this world is loaded with garlic punch. It is termed as one of the best sources to fight against the deadly health infections, and also lower the high blood pressure issues. One of the best features of garlic arrives with sulfur-containing compounds, such as allicin that leads elevating the immune system.


Spinach is another high source of Vitamin C filled with powerful antioxidants and works to boost the immunity level of the body. Try to cook it as little as possible because that helps to retain the nutritional values. With such process, it also delivers Vitamin A punch to the body and making it feel good.


You might have heard widely about the use of Greek yogurt if you don’t have its habit then make it today as it leads to stimulate the immunity power and fights against several diseases. You may go with the intake of plain yogurt instead of those flavored ones with added sugars. The best thing would be to add fruits to yogurt to make it taste good. This are the greatest source of Vitamin D and regulate the immune system and improves the body defense system against nasty diseases.

Green tea

All categories of green and black tea are loaded with flavonoids, which is a powerful antioxidant. Green tea is also loaded with amino acid, L-theanine that puts a germ protection barrier on the skin tissues. The presence of HCA compounds inside green tea helps to boost the health immunity and also impacts in the weight loss process by suppressing the appetite level and reducing your hunger cravings.


Not all categories of shellfish are good but there are some special categories that are packed with zinc extracts and help in boosting the immune system of the body. Compared to minerals and vitamins, the human body is also depended on zinc intake that allows immune cells to function properly. You may select any of these varieties including crab, clams, lobster, and mussels. Make sure that you stay within the limit because too much zinc intake might reduce the function of the immune system. For healthy male adults 11mg of zinc is required on a daily basis, and for healthy women, it must be around 8mg intake daily.