Satisfying sex might not be an easy task for both partners while its performance, which ultimately relies on better and harder erection size. Better erection is responsible only due to proper blood circulation inside the penile chambers. But often due to aging and several other factors it might cause a decline in sexual performance that asks for immediate relief to avoid the worst situation.

Male Enhancement Global Concern

Today overcoming sexual issues depends on the use of male enhancement supplements that include clinically tested and proven ingredients that can deliver rock hard erection and enhance the blood circulation.  It also leads to lift other issues including low testosterone hormone production, low desires and low ejaculation time.

When erection arrives it fills the tissues with blood flow and higher circulation of blood leads to a harder and bigger size. If supplement you consume has potent extracts, then it might boost the blood vessels and remove the issues of erection discomfort and make hassle-free blood circulation. The lift to size might enable higher orgasm, stronger and harder presence with enhanced ejaculation time.

The history of male enhancement supplement has never been a good one because of several controversies going with their safety measures. Today major clinical laboratories and FDA group do not evaluate or approve any male supplement because they feel that it is just a waste of money and might catch adverse effects on the health.

Various brands are available in the market that claims to boost sexual health and include sources of herbs, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.  However, none of the supplement have been proven yet with their efficiency rate and few sources even delivered terrible effects on the health just like penis pumps. Because such devices force blood to enter penile chambers and cause it to swell and make the situation worst.

About Male Enhancement Categories

According to FDA experts, no available traditional remedy of viagra including horny goat weed extracts aid to overcome the erection issues, and they might be risky to health.  However, such type of extracts used as remedies might work to lift sexual performance if used with given procedures. There are several sources available with extracts of horny goat weed and L-arginine that might work to enhance performance.

Many experts also suggest that male perception has gone in the wrong way today and almost every group look to lift their penis size. But in a recent survey over eighty percent of married women, they told to be completely satisfied with the size of the male partner penis and enjoyed it a lot. To lift size, surgical methods are also available, but they are too risky and might make the situation worse in the end.

Are They a Permanent Solution?

Now the most asked question is, are male enhancement pills permanent option? This is just a myth, and you would be shocked to know that as long as you use the result would appear. After terminating the pills, intake condition might go as it was earlier. No medicines include any miracle factor inside. However, they might drive results with the consistency, so it is essential to check the brand you are using and its effects on your health.

FDA Notes

It is never a complex task to explore natural male enhancement supplements since they are now popular over the internet and television. Every single brand tries to convince their user showing them their best results and would even warn you not to use other brands as that might cause health risks. However, these supplements that promise to deliver miracle outcomes in bed are not categorized to the drugs category. Instead, they are only dietary sources.

Due to this FDA distribution, natural male enhancement sources are not meant with any legal cases to cure or prevent any medical condition along with erection issues, and its result is not guaranteed.

The FTC organization took several legal actions against such invalid group of marketers selling with the name of natural male enhancement pills and making a big fool of buyers by claiming to be a herb and botanical extract. The FTC and other medical organization have marked them as frauds. Herbs used in the male enhancement pills formulation have a conventional style of use in the formulation of different categories of medicines still they lack valid scientific research and investigation. 

According to claims given by FDA, almost every male enhancement supplement cannot lift libido or endurance level. The FTC warns every user not to consider the word natural and herbal as the treatment option for best success because they lack scientific investigations and are not any breakthrough. Medical remedies to cure impotence level is readily available. Don’t be too ashamed to consult a physician in case you feel any discomfort regarding sexual concerns. 

Efficiency Level

Majority of dietary sources claim to lift the penis size, but in reality, there is no other option to boost penis size other than going for surgical methods. Some approved prescription of FDA related to sexual enhancement includes tadalafil, sildenafil, and vardenafil. Such sources are brought into the category of drugs, but they lack clinical research and proof of their validity level. Some other alternatives available for erectile dysfunction cure include dehydroepiandrosterone, Panax ginseng, L-arginine,  ginkgo biloba and Yohimbe extracts. Few dietary sources might be a safe choice to use but may prove to deliver substantial side effects on the health.


So here I would like to conclude with the topic related to male enhancement pills and their effectiveness level. Overall the end to take is that such sources are entirely a waste of money and might cause health risk if used without a prescription. Sexual discomfort happens due to changes in body functions, and there is nothing to get depressed or feel ashamed of it. The only available option here is to visit sexologist clinic and take plenty nutritional foods and exercises to stay fit and healthy.