You would have observed many athletes taking power boosting supplements to enhance their performance, and many other groups take brain boosting supplements to lift their mental performance. However, the truth is no pills are created yet that elevate the IQ level and improve the genius ability to perform at great mental speed. The question that arises now is “what  is a brain booster supplement?” That might lead to a variety of things including a source including several nutrients and herbs that perform to lift mental focus, concentration and improve the memory retention activities.

If any individual experiences noticeable effects then that might keep them highly focused and motivated. Brain lifting sources might term their identity as a mental stimulator, but actually, no theory is described ever related to measuring their actual performance outcomes. It is not proven yet whether a herb or nutrient compound would lead to improving the mental performance. Not much research work is available related to the performance of a healthy and intelligent person, whether they experience great influence on their cognitive health with the inclusion of branded brain boosting supplements. Still, on doing some short survey, the result calculated was varied among individuals.

Vital Contents for Brain

It would sound strange but is the fact that several nutritional food sources might work well compared to brain supplements. The inclusion of docosahexaenoic acid and omega 3 leads to lift mental ability. It might work to improve brain cell functions with excellent blood circulation. In several studies, it proved that the inclusion of DHA leads to improve memory power and its limitation might cause memory loss issues. Acetyl-L-carnitine is another essential compound necessary for brain health that leads to functional brain cells correctly, but there is a lack of evidence proving so. Still, in a short survey, it showed that consistent inclusion of such element to food leads to reduce the condition of Alzheimer disease.

However, these sources are not validated by food and drug administration (FDA), so there is no surety with their final results. Still, an individual might perform several activities to boost their brain function without experiencing any side effects. Let us find out what best you could do to nourish brain with essential nutrients.

Take Brain-Boosting Foods

One might consider taking several foods that lift the brain function and avoid taking excess sugar and fat content that reduce the mental activity. Food having a high source of omega three like salmon, walnut, soybeans, broccoli, pinto beans, pumpkin seeds, and spinach are best for brain health. They lead to boost neurotransmitters activity and give better thinking and concentration ability. You might also go with stuff like brown rice, high-fiber cereal, whole-wheat bread, lentils, oatmeal, whole grains that are a high source of carbohydrates and boost brain with vital energy push to function correctly. The consumption of broccoli and cauliflower leads to stimulate new cell development process inside the brain segment. Chickpeas and beans are high sources of magnesium that improve the message transmission process inside the brain segment.

Right Exercise For You

If you are active physically and do regular exercises that would nourish brain with essential oxygen flow that gives higher functional ability and performance. You might perform swimming, dance, yoga, and meditation to keep the mind calm, relaxed and energetic throughout the day and control the mood swing symptoms. Several types of mindfulness meditation lead to keep the brain away from stress factors and also improves the memory retention activities. Some mindful popular movement that you could do it while taking a shower feel relaxed and feel the splash of water running on your body that would keep mind attentive. To meditate only 15-minute silence is sufficient to take every day and stay calm and relaxed.

Drink Water

If you don’t like to stay hydrated a lot, then start doing so because the brain is of eighty percent water base and if you are dehydrated then it would restrict its vital function. So it is required to take at least six to eight ounce of water daily. One might also make several juices of fruits and vegetables to keep brain hydrated and nourished with an essential energy boost. This also restricts brain cell damage and boosts brain function. However, if possible quit taking alcoholic drinks because they slow down the brain process and often cause issues of brain stroke and loss of memory.

Improve Learning Ability

If you love taking all new activities and include high learning ability, then that would be the process that aid as a workout for brain cells. You need to change the perception and keep learning new things to sharpen the brain and make its good development. Just like you might go with learning various languages that work to create new neuropathways and lift the knowledge base. Whatever, the activity you perform must be enjoyable and give a relaxed feeling.

Reduce Stress Level

 Several categories of chronic stress might damage the brain cells and also affect the hippocampus region, which aids to retain old memories and controls retention ability.  It is a significant factor to fight against the issue of stress that leads to improve the living standards and give a relaxed feeling. Here you would be advised to take several meditations that lead to control stress level and help the brain to function well. It hardly takes 5-15 minutes, to perform that could be done with in-depth breathing process to reduce stress factors.

Take Proper Sleep

If you are not getting enough sleep that would completely waste up the activities you do daily. Common brain functions like cognitive functioning, memory retention, creativity, thinking, and problem-solving might get tied here due to lack of sleep. Sleep aids for good brain function and leads to lifting retention power. For all adults, it is advised to take at least 7-8 hours of sleep daily. The human brain is even at work when a person is asleep, but that needs proper rest to function actively and regenerate the vital energy resources.

Take Some Break

The best thing you might do to keep brain function active and supporting is by taking short breaks that could last for some 15 minutes or more. It leads to change the pace of brain and delivers it a relaxed feeling. You might switch the task to some creative or fun activity while working, to give a comfortable feel to brain cells. The brain needs proper rest too, to eliminate all fog syndrome and to eliminate the short-term and long-term memory disorders.


If you don’t have Brainstorming habit, then try making it your regular regime as it leads the brain to function well. It is associated precisely to warm up done before any physical performance that leads to boost the creativity level and might aid the brain to work with high power.

Just like while writing an easy you might do some Brainstorming regarding the topics you would cover and creativity that you would be writing on the subject. The critical purpose of Brainstorming is only to jump-start the brain function and help it quickly adapt to the process.

Include Green Tea

According to the American medical journal “Inclusion of green tea to beverages might reduce the arrival of psychological distress.” One might smoothly go for five to eight cups of green tea daily. The intake of green tea delivers a caffeine boost to the brain that keeps it active and functioning throughout the day. However, do not go beyond the limit and avoid taking tea and coffee at night because that would affect sleep pattern and increase stress level.

Breathe Deeper

If you make a habit of deep breathing, then it would be a great addition to brain function, which improves the oxygen flow to the cells and keeps brain active. One might perform this activity for ten minutes daily, and make it a habit before doing any typical task to relax your brain cells. Researches have also proved that deep breathing leads to reduce the stress or anxiety factors.

Laugh Louder

Science has proved it that laughter is the best medicine to stay healthy, relaxed and calm. It would restrict all depression activities away and make brain supercharged to remain happy and comfortable. It even controls high blood pressure level that would keep individuals away from the chances of brain stroke.


These were some vital steps that lead to boost the brain function and keep it away from cognitive deficiencies. Going for a supplement to promote brain health is not the solution because there is no surety with their effectiveness level. So prefer eating nutritional food sources that give safe outcomes and lift its performance. There are lots of controversies related to brain supplements because the majority of the brand are not FDA evaluated and might cause a health risk.