Testosterone boosting supplements are not the solution to increase your level, there are several other ingredients that aid to lift your level and promote activities.

As a man arriving at a particular age group, you would have identified various advertisements related to testosterone boosters. Majority of the source are prepared in supplement form and promise to cure the illness, with supercharged strength, stamina, and enhanced sexual power activities. According to recent market analysis, the prescriptions demand have risen by up to 300% since 2003 and is on the rise. In the estimate, around 60% of supplements are meant for individuals between the age group of 40 to 60. But on the other side food and drug administration (FDA) has not evaluated any of the testosterone boosting supplements.

The Testosterone Issues

However, many men reported experiencing better sexual health while taking testosterone boosting supplements but many individuals still didn’t receive any good outcome. This usually happens because erectile dysfunction regularly restricts consistent blood flow to penile chambers, due to high blood pressure as well as cholesterol formation. You cannot blame low testosterone for such uncertain conditions.

Further, in a study conducted on around 50 men, testosterone boosting supplement doesn’t lead to increase energy and strength level. However, a 60-year-old may feel comfortable up to some extent while using such boosters but that would not cause many effects to health. Many individuals still struggle to experience better results with consistent intake, if consumed in large quantity by old age group it could lead to kidney failure and stroke as well.

Testosterone boosters are available in gel form as well that are used under arms and shoulders and get carried away if the body is not washed correctly. In few cases, kids exposed to such hormones experienced enhanced libido, the growth of pubic hairs and enlarged penis size. Some women also experienced adverse effects on their body in the form of acne formation and excess hair growth on the body during the pregnancy period.

Sources that boost testosterone Level Naturally

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a category of fat-soluble stuff that is available under the skin surface while its exposure to sunlight. In simple term, it functions as a steroid in the human body but with less exposure to sunlight the content of Vitamin D gets reduced today, and the male group is experiencing its deficiency. Lifting such vitamin deficiency leads to boost the testosterone formation inside the body and also helps to raise the sperm count. In a clinical observation, it was shockingly discovered that individuals who were less exposed to sunlight consistently experienced decline to Vitamin D and testosterone level together. There are many foods available to boost such a standard, and you may also spend enough time in the sun to get the benefit.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is a tropical plant-based herb that has been in use over the centuries due to its herbal property. In several proven research conducted on animals, it showed that enhanced consumption of such source leads to lifting testosterone hormone inside the body along with increased sex drive. Also among a group of men who have erectile dysfunction consumed Tribulus for a few months and this resulted out in a boost to sexual wellness by 15%. Compared to other testosterone boosters Tribulus Terrestris has linked benefits with reduced testosterone or impaired sexual performance but does not seem to raise testosterone in men with healthy or strong levels.


Fenugreek extracts are another favorite herbal plants that have properties to raise the testosterone level inside the body. Some research work also reports that it restricts the enzyme formation that converts testosterone hormone to estrogen level. In a study conducted on several men who consumed 500mg of Fenugreek every day significantly experienced boost to their total and free testosterone level. Along with that they also experienced boost to their strength level and decline to excess fat structure of the body. Further, it also reported with Greater energy levels, enhanced libido, enhanced wellness and better sexual performance.

D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic acid is a natural source of amino acid that aids to boost the low testosterone hormone availability inside the body. In a recently conducted study, it described that  D-Aspartic acid functions to lift stimulating follicle hormone along with luteinizing hormone. It is a vital activity because such hormones create Leydig cells in testes shell that lead to producing testosterone hormone. Initial experimentation in animals and individuals discovered out that a few quantity intakes of D-aspartic for at least 12 days seems to lift luteinizing hormone as well as testosterone hormone inside the body.

Further, it gives to lift the sperm production and its quality according to a recent report issued by the American medical institute. Men who consumed D-Aspartic acid for regular period experienced a double count of sperm that tremendously rose from 8.2 million sperm to 19.7 million sperm count. Overall these studies have confirmed that consuming D-aspartic acid may be benefiting among individuals having low testosterone or experiencing any other category of sexual dysfunction.


DHEA is also termed as Dehydroepiandrosterone, which is a natural hormone available inside the human body and works as kingmaker in lifting the formation of testosterone hormone as well as regulating the estrogen level. It has several biological advantages for the health and has now become widely popular and is used in varieties of testosterone boosting supplements. Compared to other testosterone boosting sources, DHEA has the most excellent and most comprehensive investigation after it. In a few clinical studies, the use of DHEA in at least 50mg on a daily basis might aid to boost testosterone production by up to 15% compared to other sources. Still the results are very much mixed, and there is a lack of data available to sort out such condition. The positives of DHEA on testosterone hormone are not accurate. Recently the use of DHEA has been banned for used in many sports events and is subject to various controversies.

Ginger Extracts

Now there is nothing much to explain about ginger since it is a standard household item that is categorized to spice source and is also in use in several therapeutic procedures. According to the medical report, it may restrict the process of inflammation and boost the level of testosterone hormone. In clinical research, the use of ginger for a regular period raises sexual health, and in a few cases, the count of hormone level almost doubled with increased intake of ginger. In one of the few individual investigations, 75 impotent men were prescribed with intake of ginger supplement, and after few months they experienced around 20% of a boost to testosterone level, including a luteinizing level that doubled almost. Although the research is in the early period related to ginger and its relation to testosterone hormone, however taking it regularly would not create any side effects on health.

Zinc Extracts

Zinc is often termed as an aphrodisiac, which is a vital mineral aids to lift more than a hundred chemical process inside the body. The use of zinc and its efficiency is associated with male testosterone hormone level. In a study conducted on individuals consuming no zinc based foods experienced reduced testosterone level, even in health physique. So overall the use of zinc supplements leads to lifting the testosterone hormone naturally. Another study estimated the impacts of zinc on impotent men with both low and higher levels of testosterone.

Researchers discovered that those having low levels experienced enhanced level along with sperm count. But there were no extra advantages for individuals who had normal sperm and testosterone level. Among the group of wrestlers consuming zinc every day resulted out in decline to testosterone level with their intensity to the training program they took. In the knowledge of these investigations, zinc may benefit advance testosterone levels if any individual experiences low testosterone hormone availability due to zinc deficit. Taking zinc also resembles to be suitable if you strive to gain from high-intensity training.


In case you feel discharged or having low energy issues then don’t assume that you have low testosterone formation inside the body, it could be due to several health conditions as well as lack of nutrition. Diabetes, lack of sleep, low workout and obesity also leads to low energy and sexual performance. Do not include testosterone boosting supplements in such condition as it may ruin up the situation and cause severe side effects.

Instead, go for safer medicines or activities that lead to bringing your love charm back again just by eating right, regular workouts, and reduced stress level and having a confident talk with your partner. If the condition gets worst, then you may get consulted with a physician and ask for prescribed medicines that are safe. If you begin medication, recheck several months and view for all adverse effects inside your body and work it out to get rid of such condition.